About Aotearoa Web Design

I’m a professional WordPress consultant – I design, build, host, support & maintain WordPress sites for small businesses across New Zealand & Australia.

Why you should work with me

I am an honest, friendly, responsive person who will always try my very best to provide you with a great solution & exceptional ongoing support. If I can’t help you, I can recommend someone who can. I’m not interested in demolishing my competition. I’d rather work with them.

For your reference

I don’t have a sign-written car, an elevator pitch or a unique selling proposition.
I won’t bore you with buzzwords or baffle you with acronyms.
I don’t wear a suit.
When you work with Aotearoa Web Design Ltd, you work with an individual (& a network of professionals) who know you & your business, personally.

What’s my background?

I officially formed my company just after the Christchurch earthquakes & have grown* my business since then. I work mostly from my home office & Saltworks in central Christchurch. Before that, I spent several years freelancing while working part-time within the industry.

Going further back, I’ve worked in local government, the newspaper industry & as a graphic designer in design studios & a fashion illustrator in the retail sector. My first job was in London, working for an agency who’s key client was The Body Shop. Those were interesting times. I was actually in attendance at the Poll Tax Riots in Trafalgar Square.

* I’m not interested in empire-building.

Anything else?

I have four bicycles, two cats & two chickens, I raise Monarch Butterflies & Leafcutter Bees, & prefer Belgian beer.

I don’t live & breathe my profession, but at the same time, I take what I do seriously. I have plenty of interests outside of my work life, & try to keep things in perspective, & balance.

I have the following Google Certifications.

Just one more thing, I’m happy to work on all social platforms – apart from Facebook. I know that precludes me from opportunities, but I’m not too fond of the way they do business, simple as that.

DELETE Facebook

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