Why you should be Blocking Bad Bots

There are plugin’s out there that can handle this, but I’m keen on the less is more approach, so I add my bad bots list directly to my robots.txt file. Caching plugin’s can cause issues with bad bot plugin’s too, or at the very least require additional steps to get them to play nicely together. … Read more

Structuring a Google Ad

The following is intended as a brief, rough guide for my clients to assist them with their thinking around what they need to provide when creating ads for a Google Ads campaign. As such it is not intended as a definitive, or complete reference. Ads are only part of the equation. Ads sit within ad … Read more

WordPress Core, Theme and/or Plugin Updates

Why am I getting charged for these, & what are they exactly? Unless you are on a support contract this is part of the ongoing maintenance required to keep your website running smoothly & to keep it secure. Hang on, shouldn’t this be included in my hosting charges? Most of the time, minor, incremental updates … Read more

If you call me on the phone

I’m not ignoring you if I don’t answer. Here’s the thing, I’m busy (aren’t we all, I know). Phone calls & emails are interruptions. That’s why I’m no longer living in my inbox. It’s too disruptive. If its a number I don’t recognise (i.e. its not an existing client of mine), I won’t answer it. … Read more

What’s going on here?

Essentially, motivation by way of necessity. Months/years go by, and I’m still trying to find the time to refresh this website. I’ve been trying to find the time for years (yes, I kid you not). I finally concluded that if I didn’t put myself in a situation where my live site wasn’t in a fit … Read more

I’m trying something new

Starting today, I will only check my email periodically during the course of the day. The reasoning behind this is I’ve been spending too much of my time, working in my email.It’s distracting & has been keeping me from focussing on important tasks. So, 8 am, 10 am, 2 pm & 4 pm I will … Read more