What’s going on here?

Essentially, motivation by way of necessity.

Months/years go by, and I’m still trying to find the time to refresh this website. I’ve been trying to find the time for years (yes, I kid you not). I finally concluded that if I didn’t put myself in a situation where my live site wasn’t in a fit state for public consumption (therefore forcing my hand) things wouldn’t change.

/* The following is a bit of an aside, so you can skip it if you wish… */

I am also struggling with the whole I/we scenario. Well, struggling is probably too strong a word. I’m not struggling. My conviction on how to market myself (I/we) changes depending on my mood. The reality is, Aotearoa Web Design is my business trading name. I am a limited liability company of one.

It’s at this stage I would like to point out that I have been in business (and profitable) for over a decade, with year on year growth.

I know that dealing with an individual may raise a red flag for some of you, but the reality is – it really shouldn’t.

I work with other professionals, people who specialise in areas that I don’t, so you are (in essence) drawing on a pool of professionals who work together because they admire each other’s work and actually like each other. They aren’t just dropped in an office with other random people and expected to work well together automatically.

/* We’re back to the point now */

What I wanted to say here was, yes, my website looks half-finished. Yes, I am working on it. Yes, I have loads of information available on request. And yes, no sooner had I decided to blow away my old website than I became super busy.

So, please bear with, if you have any questions about anything, or you are interested in potentially working with me – please get in touch.

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