Managed WordPress Hosting

Fast, secure, reliable & hassle-free, managed WordPress hosting.

Over the past few years, web hosting has been one of the more challenging of the services I provide for my clients. Early in 2018, I spent considerable time researching, & talking to colleagues in the industry. The reality is that this is an ever-changing landscape, so you have to consider that.

Getting WordPress hosting right is essential for me; it enables me to provide an end to end solution.
As a result of my years of experience & considerably research time, I have partnered with the providers listed here.


I can recommend a plan based upon the requirements of your site & your expectations. This plan will consider the amount of traffic your website currently generates, the size of your installation, & whether your website is a commerce site.

I also offer & recommend content delivery networks to enhance performance & security even further. The providers I use have points of presence worldwide (including Auckland), so you can rest assured your site will load fast wherever it’s accessed.

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